Fort Worth Mediator

Before you think about resolving your conflict in a Courtroom, learn how mediation can help you reduce stress  and legal expenses, as well as prevent the disclosure of personal details about your situation in a public forum. In a courtroom, confidential details are rarely protected. 

In a mediation forum, you have an opportunity to privately discuss personal details in mediation, that you will not want to "air" in front of strangers.  When mediation services begin,  the only people allowed to attend are the mediation participants and the mediator. 

Sometimes people like you who are embarrassed about "airing dirty laundry," will simply agree with important decisions even though they don't want to --just to stop the invasion of privacy. You do not have to do that. You will work with the mediator who will maintain your confidentiality and privacy as well as help you reduce the results of your mediation into simple statements in a legally-binding agreement. You can do all this without even taking those first steps in the courtroom, but you can use mediation anytime before, during, and after any courtroom activity. Many people will use mediation in lieu of litigation which helps overwhelmed court dockets.


Texas State law protects the mediation process in a several ways. Mediator, clients, and attorneys are prohibited from breaking confidentiality about what is learned during mediaton unless what is discussed falls into a couple of exceptions. These exceptions include occurences of abuse or crimes against children, persons, or property.

If you are already represented by an attorney, consult with your attorney and let him or her know that you are considering mediation. Having an attorney is not required to participate in mediation, but it is recommended anytime you feel you need legal advice.

If you are uncomfortable discussing your desire to participate in mediation with the person with whom you want to participate in mediation, we can help. Those contacts can be handled for you. Just let your mediator know that you would like to have that assistance.

Fort Worth Mediator

Do you have a dispute that has you thinking about a lawsuit, divorce, or other legal action? Have you already decided to file your case in the courts? Have you already retained an attorney, or are you planning on filing your case Pro Se, meaning that you intend to represent yourself in Court? What if you are not ready to make any permanent decisions right now? What if you do not want to get divorced, lose your neighbor, or quit your job, but there has to be a change? These are a lot of questions to consider, but questions that you must answer if you have reached this crossroad.

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